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All in a night’s gaze

One would think it was a political rally of some sorts. Or an exclusive Men’s league meeting with a few ladies who managed to brave storm. The room although spacious was almost filled to capacity. There was an unspoken guidebook. A prescribed rhythm of movement and behaviour which seemed normal to the untrained eye.

As I made my way up the stairs, I could feel it. A slight movement in the crowd to acknowledge my presence. A stirring, as if they could smell the intruder in their midst. I do not know if it was the bright hue of my clothing which gave me away or the gentle sway of my body as I moved through the crowds.

The night moved on like the tease she was. Enthralling you with her movements sometimes and inflaming you when she decided to be naughty. Yet you had no choice, she was the boss and made sure everyone knew it.

Just when I had relaxed enough to feel almost part of the group, there was a sudden explosion of sound which caused every nerve in my body to tingle. The regulars seemed unperturbed and stood up.

It was then that I realised that the sound signaled the end of the football game I was watching.

100 thing that make me happy

Well, most people who know me, know that i’m am an easy-going friendly girl. For those who wan to get to know me a bit better, here is 100 things that make me happy.

  1. Music, any type mostly but the mood i’m in determines the type I want to listen to in that moment.
  2. The smell of rain first hitting the hot sand.
  3. Chocolate!!!!! God knows i love chocolate, the sweeter the better. I would have added apart from dark chocolate, but someone recently gave me dark chocolate which was really nice so no more anti dark chocolate.
  4. The colour red.
  5. Guys who smell nice! (my husband is the perfect example)
  6. Long warm hugs
  7. Jewelry! Long dangling earrings to be precise
  8. Perfume
  9. well applied makeup
  10. fashionable clothes
  11. Clothes which make me look cute
  12. Laughing out loud
  13. Good, clean jokes (no PG rated jokes for me please)
  14. Day-dreaming about the future
  15. Ice-cream
  16. Lots of money.
  17. Going on holiday
  18. going to the beach
  19. Sitting under a shade on a hot day with a cool breeze blowing
  20. Running on the beach
  21. Swimming on a warm day
  22. a nice cold drink when its hot outside
  23. Settling on the couch with a good novel and nothing to do
  24. Accomplishing all my goals for the day
  25. Sleeping
  26. Goofing around in the house to my favourite song
  27. Dancing with my friends and having fun
  28. Spending quality time with my girls
  29. Makeovers
  30. Sleepovers
  31. True friendships
  32. Chatting with a friend who i haven’t spoke to in a while.
  33. Shopping!
  34. Receiving praise for a good work done.
  35. Banku and okro stew
  36. Banku and hot pepper and fried snails (Grandma style)
  37. Pillow fights
  38. Cuddles, hugs and kisses (especially on the forehead)
  39. Ladies night/day out
  40. WEDDINGS! ( cos love is a beautiful thing!)
  41. Cooking
  42. Cake! Red velvet and chocolate mehn
  43. Good surprises
  44. Long warm showers
  45. Watching movies at the cinema
  46. Making pancakes
  47. Sharping my baking skills.
  48. Eating seedless red grapes
  49. Froyo ( from Ci Gusta especially)
  50. Praying
  51. Singing a song i really love on top of my voice
  52. Road trips
  53. Long conversations with my friends
  54. Receiving praise for a job I did well.
  55. Worrying those I love!
  56. Wearing a good shoe which is comfortable and makes me look like i have legs for days.
  57. Receiving well earned money.
  58. Singing with the band at church (I miss that).
  59. Going for any Ridge church camp.
  60. Shiny stuff (bling, bling!)
  61. Setting a goal and achieving it.
  62. Watching movies all night long.
  63. When my hair is on fleek!
  64. Worrying my boss! (Her face is soo cute when she trying hard not to mind me!)
  65. Dancing salsa or watching it
  66. Family dinners
  67. Romantic movies and novels
  68. Helping people
  69. Making a difference in someone’s life.
  70. Scented candles
  71. Buffet breakfast
  72. People with a good sense of humour and a good wit.
  73. The smell of baby powder.
  74. Playing with my niece
  75. My family
  76. My two church families
  77. Going on dates
  78. Having a nice massage
  79. Having someone kiss the top of my head
  80. Drinking red wine
  81. Pictures with make me look nice
  82. Being a student with absolutely nothing to do
  83. Praying with my friends.
  84. Red lipstick
  85. PINK!
  86. Lazying about on a weekend.
  87. Seeing nice ladies who are tastefully dressed.
  88. Jollof, grilled chicken and fried plantain
  89. Being able to exercise for the intended period
  90.  Fresh bread
  91. Well-spiced grilled CHICKEN!!!!!!
  92. Trying on new clothes
  93. Worship events
  94. Desert safaris
  95. Night time cruises
  96. Club sandwiches and french fries
  97. Encouraging others
  98. Planning my future and writing down all my ideas
  99. Going to church
  100. Being connected to God (love him to bits!)


So these are just some of the things which make me happy on the top of my head. Hopefully, you’ll understand me a bit better now.


Hugs and kisses,


Alone but not lonely


When time freezes, when hearts are still

When all movement seizes and the sun goes to bed.

Finally time to be with you, with your thoughts and dreams and uncertainties.

Wondering whether the day’s tasks are accomplished and that if the day took your best.

Smiling to yourself, giggling over funny events.

Musing over serious happenings, pondering over could-have-been’s

When its all said and done, content in the fact

Alone but not lonely, someone definitely cares!

Still I rise

Soo many choices, soo many paths to follow

Soo many sounds in my head, noise or advice to led me to an expected end?

Soo many decisions, a thousand paths to take.

Yet in all in this confusion, still I rise!

The edge of glory

Personally, I don’t like Lady Gaga but due to the constant bombarding of the radio I have become familiar with her music. The title of her song captures the sentiments of what I’m feeling now.

Ever felt like this is your make or break season? Like you’re at the beginning of something great which u jux have to reach out and grab? Life is what u make it and you can never succeed till you try.

So even though your knees are trembling and your heart is faint, jux encourage yourself by saying quitters never win and winners never quit.

Step out in faith and trust that he who holds the whole world in his hands and started this good work in you will def see it to its completion.

in the words of Qwesi Oteng, I WIN OO !Image

My girls

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